Open Pit Scheduling Module In the world of open pit mining, schedules can make the difference between profit and loss. The Gemcom Minex™. Gemcom Minex Tutorial | added by users. David Guetta Sunshine ( David Guetta & Avicii).mp3. Rebel telugu movie free download. Gemcom Software International publishes this documentation for the sole use of Minex licences. Without written permission, you may not sell, reproduce, store in .

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If you already have an older version of Minex installed, you can uninstall it before installing the new version or you can run both versions. You have now created the mount.

Gemcom minex open_pitscheduling_ds

Z Specify Point Cogo Task: Expand the tree so that it shows the Local Origin row. If Minex is in Digitize mode and you select other commands, you might see unexpected results. To access the full functionality of Minex, you must licence it.

Presentation to Minex Gecom Class – srk. This technique is useful for reducing the prominence of an object without completely hiding it. For more information about grids, see the About Modelling topic in the Minex help.


tutirial Press and hold down the left mouse button. Set the Local Origin Tip: Save the geometry file. To work on a different plan or section, click its Graphics tab. The Minex Open Pit Scheduling module is tailor-made for stratified deposit mines and is designed to help you optimise resources and workflows specific to ore extraction and dumping. Menu Conventions When you click, or move the pointer over, some menu commands, a subordinate menu appears.


GEOVIA Minex | Geology & Mine Planning – Dassault Systèmes®

Minex has different commands to display a file depending on its type and how you want to represent it. Select the Local Origin row and enter the same coordinates that you noted from the Output window when you ran a query.

In some situations, white provides a better contrast for the data; in other situations black is tutkrial suitable. The circles are the points.

Right-click and Accept on the context menu The Edit Triangle dialogue box is redisplayed 4. GM3 From Minex Explorer, 2. Element Name Check box Description Square box that you select or clear to turn an option on or off.


Type in the Lower Z text box. Create a Plan Showing Contours for Topography A colour shade of topography provides a quick overall tutorjal of the relative levels of the topography in any area; the line contours help when you need to know the levels more precisely.

List box Menu A set of options or actions that you can perform. This task uses the example of mounting a plan and showing borehole data in the plan. You can rotate or press the wheel button on the mouse.


Click Navigate to make sure minrx are in Navigate mode. CGM is a file format for vector images that has a good capacity to retain its scale and level of detail. If there is no parameters file, create a new one using the File New wizard.

Some file types also have a Display and Open command on the menu, which performs both commands in a single operation to save you some time. Some that you might use are: You can tutorila numbers either tjtorial metres or in feet, as appropriate to your organisation. Across the world, mining companies turn to Minex to more accurately design, plan and implement mining strategies which drive additional efficiencies, increase productivity, control costs and increase profitability.

The following list describes the different formats and their meanings: Changes may be made in products or services at any time without notice.

Minex Open Pit Scheduling can be used to plan capital expenditures and femcom utilisation. The object is removed from the Graphics window and its file remains open.