How to Wall Mount a Television (using a Cheetah Mount): Cheetah Mounts are The mount actually comes with decent directions, but many Amazon readers. Product Summary. The Cheetah APDAM2B articulating wall mount features over 21″ of dual arm cantilevered extension, a slim ” profile, and can tilt +/ Note: Please read all installation instructions carefully before installation. For . To remove your TV or access the rear inputs, simply pull on the Cheetah paws.

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The sheer weight of the TV forces the tilt mechanism to instryctions downward until it can’t go any further. Currently Unavailable Privacy Information. But like anything else, there are a few things you should be aware of.

Cheetah APDAM2B TV Wall Mount

It is baffling that a great TV wall mount bracket is packaged with such substandard hardware. Sadly, they are just not up to the task. Check the width of your TV if unsure.

If your TV is 50″ or larger, or unusually heavy, you might find it very difficult to lock the tilt angle to where you want it.


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This includes the lag bolts used to attached the wall plate and the wing nuts that secure the TV struts to the front plate. No matter how hard you try, the adjustment knobs on the side do not provide enough tension to hold things in place.

Despite a few shortcomings the Cheetah APDAM2B has proved to be a reliable articulating mount for big screen enthusiasts at a very attractive price. The frame itself is constructed of high grade steel making for a sturdy platform that can accommodate virtually any LCD or plasma Insyructions up to 63″.

Latest Unibrak UNB Prior to installation check that the backplate is plumb with the rest of the frame. First, be sure to measure your wall stud spacing before you order.

Index of /manuals/CheetahMounts

Save yourself the hassle and return it for instructiohs replacement if you find this is the case. Don’t gamble with expensive equipment – be safe and replace with quality fasteners. Strong construction Smooth arm motion Excellent value Cons: In some rare cases the two have been slightly out of alignment. This may be wide enough for the mount to be visible from the front, especially when mounting certain minimal chassis 32″ displays.


Cheetah APDAM2B TV Wall Mount

Some solutions that have been tried are drilling holes through the tilt arms and inserting bolts to lock them into position. Regardless of the frame always replace the fastener hardware that comes in the box.

And finally, when the mount is collapsed against the wall, the dual arms fold outward to span a total of 34″. This is a cost effective mount for anyone with a large screen that needs full range of motion and trouble free operation. Is so, you will find it frustratingly difficult to get the TV level after the backplate is secured to the wall. Fortunately, 16″ is the most common so this will not impact many.

If you have non-standard spacing you may need to install a cross brace of some kind.