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With its experience in the field of height adjustable stools, lapalma has been able to offer with MAK a new design with soft lines but robust in structure at the same time, a handy stool with compact size. Optional mit Sitzauflage aus Woll-Polyamidfilz oder mit Sitzkissen. Ob als Sitzgelegenheit oder als Kunstwerk an der Wand.

So, wie die Naturgewalten Islands. Eine komplett neu entwickelte Produktlinie von Dataflex, ausgerichtet brooarbeitspltze Haltbarkeit und einfache Anwendung. Choice of fabric or high quality print.

Ideal for offices and hotel lobbies, airports and train stations or your home office. Der Cube von Lindner ist ein freistehendes und in sich abgeschlossenes Raumsystem, das keine Verbindung zu umliegenden Bauteilen bentigt. The name is inspired by quality of Cuban lifestyle and culture.

Orgatec New Products 2012

Looking at the chair, it appears to be very subtle and delicate but in use it provides a feeling of stability and solidity to the sitter. Die neue Arbeitswelt erfordert flexible Arbeitspltze.

Die Formensprache der stilvollen Kollektion vermittelt Eleganz und Hochwertigkeit. They disrupt the micro-organisms essential functions so that no further cell division can take place. Thus wallpaper is diversity, and everyone has the right to his or her own wallpaper! The open structure and three-dimensional construction support optimal moisture and heat regulation, while the 3D constructions body and strength make it soft and comfortable for the user.

Die schallabsorbierende Wirkung des Wandsystems vereint die Vorzge eines Groraumbros mit den akustischen Vorteilen eines Einzelbros. Our odourless prints are also suitable for sensitive environments. Together with the textiles 3D structure, the finely perforated surface facilitates an ideal moisture and temperature regulation which supports an optimal sitting comfort.

Easy installation and a rugged design for harsh environments e. Design mitVideoWallThe VideoWall has been conceptualized as a representative and individual furniture for presentations and videoconferencing, featuring complementary functionality and design.


Your display on demand in three steps: Von exklusiv bis kostengnstig, von klassisch bis extravagant, von statisch bis flexibel auf der Orgatec prsentiert der Hersteller einen berblick ber sein Portfolio. The colours work well in different interiors and combine well with different kinds of materials such as wood, metal broxrbeitspltze concrete. Er ist, wie auch immer, ein wahrer Blickfang in jedem Raum.

A sofa system that can stand out with a strong identity or melt into an existing calm space the choice is yours.

Coop Legorreta Spain gemma kinacomunicacion.

Its modularity mean that all storage needs can be catered for, while its light-weight and shoulder strap allow true mobility and productivity by enabling you to take your work with you anywhere. Tipo is leading the innovative ecological chair market globally. Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung, Sankt Augustin The result is increased flexibility and the opportunity bilschirm frequent scene changes.

Die gewebte Konstruktion im klassischen Drei-Fadensystem liegt offen zutage und bildet das puristische Design. Inspired by running Mikrosilberbeschichtung: Instead of using a conventional height adjustment mechanism based on either a coil spring or gas broarbeitsspltze, it uses Single Direction Bearings SDB. Castor oil, the main ingredient of Fotosfera, is produced from plants that are fast growing, therefore readily renewable, resilient and exceptionally low-maintenance.

Fr die Verblendung der Monitore wird hochwertiges, entspiegeltes, optisches Glas mit besten Transmissionseigenschaften bei minimierten It’s unobtrusive design with overall depth of just 24cm Reflexionen verwendet. Precipitous cliffs, rippling water. A wide variety of finishes and bases make this line of seating extremely customizable and adaptable to different environments.

Orgatec New Products – [PDF Document]

Wahl aus Stoff oder Print Die richtige Raumakustik sorgt dafu? High quality and homogeneous illumination. The first broarbeitslltze is made of a sophisticated and elegant technical mesh that provides the user with convenience and comfort. Available bildsfhirm 3 clip on covers clear, diffuse, opal. In Nomon Handwerksbetriebe, produzieren wir unsere Uhren, mit der Kombination aus innovativen und traditionellen Verfahren.


Cover and movable wing in techno-leather. Diese verwandelt die punktfrmige Lichtcharakteristik von LEDs in ein homogenes Flchenlicht und steigert gleichzeitig die Effizienz.

You can tell at first glance that Njord is rather exceptional! We also offer the option of an aluminium profile on the base of the legs as well as wire management or grommets for wire management. This way, the classic lines are sensibly expanded for room-high applications. Broarbeitsptlze series embraces the name JOINT after the characteristic articulations in the design of the chair and modular construction of the table to suit any home, interior and company.

If you don’t follows normal trend in your field, the answer is this one. The ViewLite Plus lacks this constant Aufgrund der konstanten Kraft, die in herkmmlichen tension and is therefore entirely safe under all Mechanismen zum Einsatz kommt, um das hgi. Several luminaires working together as a group can thus create a light scenario that contributes to a more pleasant work atmosphere. The super universal tables were recently introduced to meet the growing demands of cm widths.

Der Sitz und die Rckenlehne bestehen aus stabverleimtem Holz und knnen in Naturholz, lackiert oder gepolstert geliefert werden. Its design has a unique touch with inspiring finishes, such as an aluminium and mesh back, intensive lines and curves. When combined with an Innobench tablet it offers an informal workspace. The main concept behind Sharko is broabreitspltze versatility, functionality and broarbfitspltze in a strikingly simple ibldschirm beautiful design.

Wann immer Sie wollen, berall auf der Welt.