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In the literary and cinematographic works studied, raging from tothe characters live in Havana city and inscribe meanings through their spatial practices. Chapter II concentrates on narrative techniques and themes.

Title The female orphan in the Hispanic novels: Title Texts and Tastes: The Florida State University 9. Theses and Dissertations The differentiating factors between the testimonial novel and “pure” testimonial narrative are examined.

By employing silence and dream as textual strategies the writer transforms women’s allotted position into a means of transgression. The act of reading the text, the interior experience also exteriorizes it, thus, carrying the private into the public realm of culture.

At first, these spaces of alterity are used as a means to escape; however, they also instill a liberating feeling, thus becoming spaces where the characters can look into themselves and recover their lost hopes. The first chapter explores the overwhelming presence of rooftops in the fictional works of post-Soviet Cuba; these are spaces that rise over the city and allow a feeling of freedom, and the possibility to lighten the weight of daily life. Chapter Two reviews the varied literature concerning nonviolent and violent rhetoric, leading to an explanation of the terror-rhetoric genre.


The reader’s response demonstrates the symbiotic relationship of ideology and culture and the possibility to effect individuals. Creator Adair, Olga Mory. Dios sigue siendo amor”, “Dialogo desde una cruz”, “Itineriario de la pasion” and “Tentacion y mision” by Dr. These female writers restated the social, political, economical, and cultural realities of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. Show more The novel of Armando Ramirez b.

Show more Testimonial literature is essential in order to understand the development of a Latin American Identity –it captures and manifests the epistemological and metaphysical difficulties that challenge the notion of identity and have complicated its development.

The orphans Maria, Sotileza, Ana and Barbara view themselves as morally deficient within their isolated environments. The non-verbal expression of affect often manifests in physiological expressions, Title La novela antiesclavista: These three novels reflect the social context of the Cuban colonial period; therefore, other antislavery novels which portrait the same subject will not be included since their theme is best represented by the aforementioned.

The non-verbal expression of affect often manifests in physiological expressions, reflecting one’s psychological and emotional status. Latin American literature x. Finally, a critical conclusion assesses Gonzalez’s literary efforts. Thus, “cultural producers,” like him, must strive to develop and to enrich Puerto Rican national mass consciousness by emphasizing the positive aspects and values of Puerto Rican identity or by criticizing the negative ones.

Show more This dissertation is a feminist literary study concentrating on silence and dream as textual strategies in selected works of three Latin American women writers.


Additionally, some of the works propose a redefinition of the concept of national identity that is not necessarily tied to the revolutionary project.

The first chapter discusses the thematic content of Paz’s El laberinto de la soledad in terms of the Mexican’s character and behavioral patterns including dissimulation, denigration, and self-denial. Disglossia–the inability to speak in a language is also explored. Mexico, Spanish text, Rudolfo Anaya. Spanish text ; Peru, Chile, Mexico.

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Latin American literature 7. The novels were written against the backdrop of military domination of Chilean politics and society.

The cosmogonies which particularly parallel the action of the novel are the Chibcha and Guajiro. This inner modification leads to an aborted quest for a manly God, to a wrong “Change of Heart.

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Allende’s female characters transcend the generic stereotypes common in the traditional depiction of women in literature. This in analyzed within the framework of Marx’s notion of alienation, which is seen as a philosophical cousin to Freire’s notion of oppression.

One approach is the execution of a historical and critical re-vision of the lives and works of several women in her collection of essays, entitled Sitio a Eros.

History, Latin American 1. It discusses the concept of Mexican solitude and the search for identity.