Argemone ochroleuca Sweet subsp. ochroleuca (Mexican poppy) is widespread throughout NSW, it has cream to pale yellow petals; seeds approximately. Argemone mexicana subsp. ochroleuca (Sweet) Schwarzb., Pl. Syst. Evol. (3- 4): , comb. inval. Argemone mexicana var. Abstract. The effects of 2 concentrations (15 and 30%) of ethanolic Argemone ochroleuca Sweet (Papaveraceae) extracts were determined on the feeding.

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Other Argemone species also look similar but have distinguishing characteristics: Deeply divided leaf showing the many yellow stiff prickles. The following description is taken from Flora of Pakistan John Wiley and Sons, pp. Sheldon Navie close-up of leaf underside Photo: Journal of Economic and Taxonomic Botany, 26 1: CAB International, pp. It has cream to pale yellow petalscapsule slenderly spindle-shaped and seed approximately 2 mm in diameter.


This species is an agricultural weed.

Scientific name

Melbourne, Australia; Inkata Press, pp. Science College, Gujarat, India.

However, the widespread introduction of A. Seeds of this species may also become tangled in the wool of sheep, reducing its economic value Reseigh and Shepherd, Control of young plants of A. Title Flowering habit Ochroleuda Argemone ochroleuca pale Mexican pricklypoppy ; flowering habit.

Scientific Name

Manager Publishing Services, Brisbane. If in doubt consult an expert.

Published in Invasive Plants. It has been introduced into Australia, Africa, tropical Asia, New Zealand and a number of oceanic islands where it has become invasive.

Ownbey differentiates it from A. Prolific in disturbed sites and competes with agricultural crops and indigenous species. Mexican poppy, prickly poppy, devil’s fig, golden thistle of Peru, biniguy thistle, white thistle, yellow poppy, Mexican thistle, Mexican prickle poppy.

Factsheet – Argemone ochroleuca (Mexican Poppy)

Plant demography, nitrogen fixation, ecosystem effects. Don’t need the entire report? The best form of invasive species management is prevention. Distribution Table Top of page The distribution in this summary table is based on all the information available.


The stems grow 30 to cm high, with scattered stiff yellow prickles. The plant grows up to 90cm in height and produces white flowers and thorny green seed capsules which ochrolduca brown as it dries, thereafter splitting to release the seeds.

Biological Control A biological control programme for A. More details, including preliminary identifications to ochroleucs of those species not identified to species level, can be found in Julien et al. The World’s Worst Weeds. Native to tropical America but its exact native range is disputed. A prickly glaucous herb, usually cm tall; young stem whitish ovhroleuca or violaceous, fading with age; prickles mm long, with broader base. There are 6 delicate deciduous petals that are 2.