AF FORM Yes No PREVIOUS EDITIONS ARE OBSOLETE A and B Member unable to sign PRIVACY ACT INFORMATION The. Get the AF FORM ,Pg 1 – Description. OFFICER PERFORMANCE REPORT (Lt thru Col) I. RATEE IDENTIFICATION DATA (Read AFI. 2 Arial 10 bold absolute 13 AF FORM , C:\Documents and . EDITIONS ARE OBSOLETE (A and B) Arial 7 plain center absolute.

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If the officer is: Comments on medical issues are prohibited and cannot be included in the OPR narrative. Remarks about community involvement and additional duties are appropriate, as are recommendations to select for continuation, indefinite reserve status, future job assignments, or the next level of Fodm. Unit will be notified via CMS. Will automatically default to all capital letters after cursor leaves data field.

This feature allows for the fully electronic routing of the evaluation form. Enter information about the position the ratee held in the unit and the nature or level of job responsibilities. The unit will set up a monitoring system to ensure prompt performance report submittal. Significant discrepancies and administrative errors can 77b addressed at this time, and corrected if agreed by all parties, before the report becomes a matter of record.

Section denter organizational designation, MAJCOM if applicablelocation, and if applicable organization and location of attachment, followed by the component.

The goal is an accurate foorm of where and to whom the ratee belongs.

Rater will sign the block. For routing procedures, see Notes 19 and Reports closing prior to the effective date will be accomplished on the previous editions of the forms AF Form A and B. Base comments on overall performance and performance-based potential as compared to others in the same grade known by the fogm. They will then scan in the evaluation and zf and e-mail them to the next evaluator in the rating chain.


Implementation Instructions For New OPR & PFW

AFIparagraph 3. In the few instances where CACs or CAC reader access is not available, or if a report is a referral, wet ink signatures on the hard copy of the report will be required. Required feedbacks may be accomplished on previous edition pending availability.

Do not delay signing a report due to pending personnel changes, promotions, fodm of a more prestigious duty title, and so forth.

Normally, when an evaluator other than the rater changes after a report closes out, but a it is ready for endorsement, the new evaluator endorses the report using his or her duty information as of the signature date. Use the following guidelines when entering identification data: Nomenclature does not necessarily duplicate what is on OPR notice. See Note 17 for referral reports. Assessing verbal communication skills of medical students.

Officer Performance Report

For example, a new evaluator may not be available if a departed evaluator has not been replaced when the report is ready for endorsement. Do not sign before previous evaluators. Forms will be auto-dated only when digital signature is applied, otherwise the date will be handwritten.

All signatures, except the evaluator who is deployed, must be original. Uncommon acronyms do not have to be spelled out in this section, but will be spelled out in Section X, Remarks, on the reverse of the form. Dates will be handwritten.


If the rater is not available, extend the suspense. Bullet length will be limited to a maximum of 2 lines, down from 3 lines. The form will reflect the date of the new signatures.

If the evaluator is 70b civilian or a member of a foreign service no entry is required. Indeterminate day deployments will use the deployed Duty Title. Sign on or after the close-out date.

Implementation Instructions For New OPR & PFW

Do not use suffix. If the duty title on the notice is abbreviated and entries are not clear, spell them out. Specific performance factors are listed on the reverse side of the form. Reviewers may comment only under the following circumstances: Memory and Performance Evaluations at Work. Do not suspense or require raters to submit a completed evaluation with their signature on it to the next evaluator in the rating chain any earlier than five duty days after the close-out date.

You may mention previous jobs held during the reporting period only if it impacts the evaluation.

This feedback is not to be used as the last feedback accomplished that is recorded in the feedback block of the evaluation form. An evaluator must be a colonel or equivalent to close out report as a single evaluator. If the evaluation remains unchanged and the reviewer still disagrees, the reviewer marks the non-concur block and specifically states why fogm or she disagrees in the space provided.